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Stagnone lagoon: what to do

It seems that more beautiful sunsets than those staged here are hard to find.

It will be for the ancient mills that carpet the area or for the large piles of salt that look like pyramids and appear, candid and blinding, among the pink waters of the lagoon or, again, for the atmosphere that lights up when the sun goes down and paints brushstrokes in strong colors, between bright orange and deep purple.

The Lagoon of the Stagnone of Marsala offers its visitors many attractions, activities and experiences. You can choose whether to sip a glass of wine or marsala at sunset looking at the islands, rent a bicycle and take the cycle path that from Villa Genna reaches via San Pantaleo passing by the historic G. Whitaker pier (which connects the mainland with L'Motya island) and from the Ettore Infersa Saline Mamma Caura (windmill).

Inside Villa Genna you can also stop and try one of the Sicilian cuisine dishes such as caponata, vegetable appetizers and busiata pasta with many types of condiments prepared fresh every day.

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