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Tommaso has been passionate about horse riding since he was a child and has dedicated part of his life to promoting the sport and the local area. His goal is to convey the passion for horses, nature and to discover the beauties of his land, Marsala.

Today, Tommaso is considered an expert and reliable guide in the Stagnone Lagoon, able to offer his guests exciting horse riding experiences in one of the most enchanting places in Sicily.

“Animals are the travel companions we respect the most. Silently they teach us to observe our surroundings. They have no prejudices and establish unspoken rules”.

Thomas Favata

Tommaso Favata


A former pharmacist, her passion for horses and nature led her to discover this wonderful area, where it is possible to ride amidst pink flamingos and salt dunes, enjoying breathtaking views and unique tranquillity.


Daniela started working as a guide for horseback riding in the Stagnone Lagoon with enthusiasm and dedication, making her experience and knowledge on the subject available.

In addition to leading the horse rides, Daniela takes care of the horses with dedication and expertise, using her medical knowledge to ensure their maximum well-being.

"A few years ago I chose to change my life and dedicate every day to what I love most: horses".




Equitation Club Marsala is located inside the historic Villa Genna,

in front of the marvelous "Saline di Marsala" on the background of the Egadi Islands, Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. Since 1969, the Club has held riding courses in the "show jumping" discipline. Children as young as 4 can participate in the courses and there is no age limit to learn to ride a horse.

The wonder of this sport is that there are no age or gender distinctions, boys and girls share a passion for horses together. The club also provides a horse boarding service,

as well as the possibility of walks in breathtaking scenery.

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